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John Godfred Kojo Addison


John Godfred Kojo Addison

Mr. John Godfred Kojo Addison is the Deputy Auditor-General in charge of the Commercial Audits Department. He has worked selflessly with the Service for the past 30 years building himself up with experience across all the Departments of the Service and on the international front.

He was recruited into the Service in 1991 and posted to the Kumasi Office. He worked diligently and rose through the ranks to become an Assistant Director and the Regional Finance Officer for the Ashanti Region. Mr Addison was later promoted to the position of Director and assigned Kumasi District ‘A’

In September 2014, he was transferred to Accra to be the Head of the Central Government Audit Department (CGAD), Police Branch. He continued to excel and earned promotion to the position of Assistant Auditor-General (AAG) in September 2018.

His promotion to the rank of an AAG resulted in another transfer from the CGAD/Police Branch to the Commercial Audits Department (CAD)-Direct Branch to lead the audit of State-Owned Enterprises.

Mr. Addison’s excellent performance again earned him promotion to his current rank of Deputy Auditor-General in July 2021. Between July and October 2021, he held the portfolio of the Educational Institutions and District Assemblies Audits (EIDA) for the Northern Sector before being reassigned to the CAD Department in October 2021.

In 2002, Mr. Addison obtained a BSc Administration, Accounting Option with a 1st class honours from the University of Ghana. He holds MBA in Banking and Finance from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) which he obtained in 2008. He became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA) Ghana in 2013 having qualified the same year.

In 2018 he obtained a Certificate in Investigative Accounting and Forensic Auditing from the University of Ghana Business School, and a post Chartered Diploma Certification in Forensic Audit awarded by the ICA- Ghana in 2020.

Mr. John Godfred Kojo Addison has undertaken several local and international investigative assignments including:

  • Audit of the Ghana Embassies in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Prague, Czech Republic, and Madrid, Spain.
  • Audit of INTOSAI Secretariat in Vienna, Austria on several occasions

Mr. John Godfred Kojo Addison as known by most staff is indeed a fountain of knowledge for the Service. He is married and has three children. He loves singing, reading and playing football.