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11th October 2019

Be innovative – AG

Be innovative – AG

The Auditor-General (A-G), Mr. Daniel Domelevo had urged staff of the Audit Service to be innovative in their audit approach to enhance the benefits of audits to clients and the nation. The A-G made the call when he interacted with staff of the Service in Tamale, Gambaga, and Damongo in the Northern, North East, and Savannah Regions respectively.

He asked that staff should sample for instance commercial entities that are VAT registered and ascertain whether they issue VAT receipts to customers. The auditors should then follow up at the audited entity to verify the level of tax compliance of the sampled commercial entities. By employing these techniques, the Service would not be limited to protecting the funds collected but also help in mobilising funds for the state.

Mr. Domelevo said government needs revenue to provide infrastructure for citizens but can only do so when auditors who are tasked to prevent revenue leakages also help in revenue mobilisation by exposing tax defaulters through strategic and innovative auditing. He added that “we have a constitutional obligation to protect the public purse. … by ensuring that funds earmarked are used judiciously for the intended purpose”.

He bemoaned the shoddy nature of construction works and urged the staff to ascertain if we are getting value for money. In addition to looking at the cost and evidence of payments for projects, the A-G said that auditors should use the Bill of Quantities and ascertain whether the project met the specifications. Auditors must ensure that contractors do not shortchange the country, he opined.

He stated that government has provided the resources the Service requested through the Service’s 2019 budget. He therefore asked staff to justify the confidence government had reposed in the Service.

The A-G’s visit to the three regions was part of efforts to establish new regional offices in the newly created regions namely North East and Savannah Regions. Currently, the Northern Regional Auditor, Mr. C. K. Normanyo administers over the two new regions which were carved out of the Northern Region.

The A-G paid a courtesy call on the Regional Minister of the North-East Region, Mr. Solomon N. Boar. The Regional Minister said that the Regional Coordinating Council would offer the Service four acres of land to construct a regional office as it would develop the region. The Acting Regional Coordinating Director of the Savannah Region, Alhaji Adam Mohammed Baba also promised a parcel of land to the Service at Damongo to construct both office and residential accommodations.