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10th May 2024

Uniting for a Transparent Ghana : Audit Service May Day Celebration

Uniting for a Transparent Ghana : Audit Service May Day Celebration

The Audit Service marked May Day with a resounding call on citizens to join forces in the fight against corruption and promote transparency in Ghana.

The event highlighted the CitizensEye mobile application, an innovative tool designed to facilitate citizen input into audits conducted by the Auditor-General through the Ghana Audit Service. The app, available on Google Play Store, App Store, and the Audit Service website, enables citizens to provide feedback on government policies and report suspected cases of mismanagement, fraud, and other irregularities.

Developed under the auspices of GIZ, the CitizensEye app aims to empower citizens to report corruption while protecting their identity. The app also helps auditors identify priority audit areas based on citizen feedback, highlighting issues that are particularly bothersome to citizens.

The event featured a compelling display of placards with inscriptions urging citizens to collectively fight corruption. The placards carried powerful messages, including "Report wastage and misappropriation with CitizensEye", "Report irregularities, start with you!", and "Join the transparency movement with CitizensEye".

By displaying the placards, the Audit Service aimed to raise awareness about the CitizensEye app and encourage citizens to download and use it to report issues and share information on suspected irregularities. This initiative is part of the Service's commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in Ghana. As the placards aptly put it, "Be vigilant, report mismanagement" and "Break the silence, report abuse". By working together and utilizing tools like the CitizensEye app, we can create a more transparent and accountable Ghana.