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9th February 2024

Audit Service hosts Pension Clinic for 2024 retiring staff: Equipping Employees for Smooth Transitions

Audit Service hosts Pension Clinic for 2024 retiring staff: Equipping Employees for Smooth Transitions

Audit Service has organised a day-long Pension Clinic in Accra for 47 officers of various ranks scheduled to retire from active service in 2024. The retiring staff, with service periods ranging from 17 to 40 years encompass Management, Senior, and Junior staff. 

The clinic is diligently designed to equip retiring officers with a wealth of knowledge on healthy lifestyle choices, financial investment, pension processing, nominations, wills, and resources vital for a seamless transition into retirement life.

The Pension Clinic stands as a testament to the Service's commitment to excellence and employee welfare, reaffirming its position as a beacon of support and empowerment within public service sector.

Mr. Seidu Ahmed Kyei, the Deputy Auditor-General in charge of Finance, Administration, and Human Resource Department in a keynote address, extended commendations to the staff for their unwavering allegiance and unparalleled dedication to duty. He conveyed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the esteemed Board and Management, extending warm wishes for success and fulfillment in their forthcoming endeavors.

Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Sackey, a Lawyer and former Head of Legal Department at the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, advised the staff to invest their retirement packages wisely for a reliable income stream during retirement. He also provided guidance on will preparation and the consequences of dying intestate.

Mrs. Yvette Barnor, an Assistant Director of Audit, explained pension processing, pension and gratuity, re-computation of gratuity, death gratuity, and commuted pension procedures to the officers.

Mrs. Bridget Amoako-Atta, a Clinical Psychologist at Pantang Hospital, encouraged participants to prepare mentally and physically for post-retirement challenges.

She recommended various strategies for a smooth transition from professional life to retirement, including maintaining good health, spending time with family, building social networks, engaging in voluntary activities, and reconnecting with old friends.

In a gesture of utmost reverence, the Audit Service Divisional Union of the esteemed Public Service Workers Union represented by Brother Boakye Yiadom, bestowed dignified plaques upon the retiring officers, honouring them for their indelible contributions and meritorious service.

The esteemed President of the Audit Service Pensioners Association, Mrs. Abigail Pentsil, extended gracious invitations to the officers and outlined the numerous benefits awaiting prospective association members.

As the clinic ended, retiring officers departed with newfound clarity, confidence, and a robust roadmap for their retirement journey.