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31st August 2018

Accountability: A Shared Responsibility

Accountability: A Shared Responsibility

Mrs. Janet Ampadu Fofie of the Public Services Commission who was the Chairperson for the Launch of the 2018 Audits has stressed the need for heads of the public institutions to develop policies that promote and enhances productivity backed by accountability, integrity and all the good things for the country.

She said there’s the need to foster a high performing public sector that is respected and trusted by all citizens of Ghana.

Speaking on the theme “Accountability: A Shared Responsibility” she noted that, Auditing is one of the good cornerstones of public sector governance, because an effective auditing system and processes provides an objective and unbiased assessment of management of public funds.

In conclusion she said, Effective public sector auditing strengthens public governance by providing for accountability, protecting the core values of the entity and encourages public sector officials in conducting the public sector business in a transparent, fair, honest and equitable manner that is full of integrity.

Mrs Ampadu Fofie encouraged all officers who occupy leadership positions to practice good public governance by supporting audit activities in their organisations

She commended the Auditor-General and his team for the good work they are doing for Ghana.